You can rely on Pomp Post Event Décor & Rentals to provide impeccable pieces, including our signature Throne Chairs! Perfect for baby showers, weddings, receptions and more! These unique pieces will create a wonderful statement to any event!

Kids House Lannister Throne

Kids Mother of Dragons Throne

Peacock Wicker Chair

24k Gold Chair

Dutchess Throne White

Dutchess Throne Gold

Dutchess Loveseat

Sasha Canopy Blue

Sasha Canopy Black

Sasha Loveseat White

Sasha Loveseat Gold

Petite Throne Black

Petite Throne Gold

Petite Throne Silver

House Lannister Red

House Lannister White

House Lannister Loveseat Silver

House Lannister Loveseat Black

House Lannister Loveseat Purple

Mother Of Dragons Silver

Mother Of Dragons Black

Mother Of Dragons Red

Mother Of Dragons Pink

Mother Of Dragons White